John Coleman has been a mortgage broker in Ireland for more than 17 years. Over that time, he’s dutifully helped his clients achieve their property goals, as well as assembling a team of top professionals on his team. Together, they ensure that JC Mortgages provides the best service and expertise anywhere in Ireland!

Suya Sausmikat APA

Suya has been working with John Coleman for over six years and has been helping clients achieve their dreams of home ownership for over three years. She’s very passionate about making sure clients experience 5-star service from the very start to the day they pick up their keys.

David Murphy QFA LIAM

David has worked in the financial Services Industry for over 30 years. He specializes in finding a remortgage package that is tailor-made to suit a client’s needs. David is passionate about customer service and his priority is to find the most cost-efficient remortgage package for his clients.

Deborah Lennon

Deborah has been working with John Coleman for over three years. Her role is to make sure everything gets pushed along with the bank, ensuring we receive a decision, loan offer, and closing as quickly and efficiently as possible. Deborah also communicates with our clients, keeping them update at all times where things stand or what may be required.

Glazi Luiz B Sc

One of the most important parts of the mortgage process is gathering the paperwork. Thankfully, Glazi has been working with us for two years to help do just that. She also has a degree in business and is on her way to qualifying as an accountant – we’re lucky to have her! Glazi’s role is to check the paperwork when it comes in, making sure our clients know exactly what is missing or incorrect. This is a vital part of the whole mortgage process, as paperwork can be the biggest delay in moving forward.