Ireland’s property and mortgage market recap for July 2023 🇮🇪

Ireland’s property and mortgage market recap for June 2023 🇮🇪

Hello everyone, John Coleman here, Ireland’s mortgage broker with your property and mortgage market recap of July 2023. 🇮🇪

I hope everyone had a great bank holiday and are enjoying their summer.

It’s already August, and that means we’re taking a look back at mortgage and property news in Ireland through July 2023.

And while July is usually relatively quiet, a couple of banks did increase their rates last month, following the European Central Bank increasing their rates six weeks ago – one by half percent and another by another a quarter percent.

In terms of supply, and demand, I am still hearing about bidding wars and not seeing any evidence of demand waning. Although it will at some point, I am not seeing a slowdown in demand.

In another interesting note, I wanted to introduce you to a great podcast I just heard.

Here is the title, link, and a blurb from his podcast notes:

The Money Expert: “Do Not Buy A House!”… The 10 Ways To Make REAL Money! Ramit Sethi (E266)

Ramit Sethi began his journey as a personal finance adviser in 2004, with his website, Ramit was the co-founder of PBworks, and is the CEO of GrowthLab. He is also the author of the 2009 New York Times best-selling book, ‘I will Teach You To Be Rich’, and ‘Your Move: The Underdog’s Guide to Building Your Business”. In 2023, Netflix released the series ‘How To Get Rich’ with Ramit as its host.

In this conversation Ramit and CEO Steven Bartlett discuss topics, such as:

  • How to define your ‘rich life’
  • Why buying a house isn’t necessarily a good decision
  • How to invest like a millionaire
  • His 10 rules for becoming rich
  • Where real wealth is created
  • The key character traits of rich people
  • Why most people don’t understand money
  • The truth about investing in cryptocurrency
  • Why becoming rich isn’t necessarily about intelligence

So, I thought it might be use to you – and feel free to contact me to talk about calculating your mortgage payoff and how to save money.

Until next month, stay well and enjoy your August!


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