Ireland’s property and mortgage market recap for September 2023 🇮🇪

Ireland’s property and mortgage market recap for September 2023 🇮🇪

Hello everyone, John Coleman here, Ireland’s mortgage broker with your property and mortgage market recap of September 2023. 🇮🇪

Welcome to October, everyone, and it’s almost that time of year again to start looking towards the holidays. (Almost but not yet!)

And I apologize that this month’s recap isn’t a video as usual, but I had some technical difficulties so thought this would suffice. But the content we have this month is helpful as usual, so I hope you find it useful.

In this September recap (and look ahead), I cover:

  1. Interest rates
  • The European Central Bank raised rates by a quarter percent.
  • That price increase hasn’t hit Ireland’s banks just yet, but will shortly.
  • But expect this to be the last rate increase for 6-9 months.
  • Look for rates to start coming down in the back end of next year.
  • Of course, there are important implications for choosing your mortgage rate. 
  1. New competition for the market
  • There’s new competition in the Irish mortgage market.
  • As Revolut has entered our mortgage market.
  • It’s yet to be determined if Revolut will serve as a broker or a lender.
  • But that should bring more competition and gives consumers more choices, which should drive prices down. 
  1. Rumors
  • While it’s not certain yet, the budget for the 10th of October is expected to include changes.
  • Those would help first time buyers in the second-hand market.
  • We’ll expose any changes or when things are finalized.
  • And it’s not necessarily a rumor that bank service is getting a little better, but worth noting.

Enjoy Your October!


-John Coleman,
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