Tea & Mortgage Podcast #7: A chat with Solicitor Mark O’Donnell

Tea & Mortgage Podcast #7: A chat with Solicitor Mark O’Donnell

Tea & Mortgage w/ John Coleman, Ireland’s favourite mortgage broker would like to sit down with you to share a cup of tea and chat about the state of the mortgage and property market.

In this episode #7, we interview a special guest, Solicitor Mark O’Donnell of O’Donnell Murray LLP.

For those of you who are buying your first property, or foreigners who have expatriated to Ireland and now look to purchase a home, you may have questions about the solicitor’s role in the transaction.

Well, all of those questions will be answered here in this podcast as Mark O’Donnell breaks down everything you need to know about the solicitor when purchasing a home in Ireland.

According to Mark through his website, https://odmlaw.ie:

  • It is advisable to appoint your Solicitor as early as possible, as they will then be available to guide you through the various stages of the process. Try to get a recommendation if possible. 
  • Your Solicitor should provide you with a written quotation of the fees and outlays payable, to include professional fee, vat, stamp duty, land registry fees and search fees.

Mark’s firm, ODM Law, has 20+ years of experience in legal service in Dublin.

Based on Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2, O’Donnell Murray LLP deal with various legal areas, ranging from residential conveyancing to complex commercial disputes.

Whether you are a first-time buyer, a company, a small business owner or the victim of an accident causing personal injury, we will provide professional advice and assistance in respect of all aspects of your legal matter.  Our firm brings extensive experience and professionalism to every matter we deal with.

You can reach out to Mark directly here:

Or check out their website:

🎙 Please enjoy this podcast chat with mortgage broker John Coleman, co-host Norm Schriever, and Solicitor Mark O’Donnell and get in touch if you have more questions!

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